I am Saturn, SDN-006. I am the king of the planet Saturn and the resident (and permanent) scientific brainpower of the Stardroids.

A Reunion of Sorts


The afternoon sun lingered over Terra as he silently strolled down the pebbled pathway that lead directly to one of the many gardens that surrounded Saturn’s Grecian-like palace. The lush greenery was obviously misplaced around the burnt sienna and red sands that cascaded over the hilly terrain of the Planet Lord’s homeland. Terra even stood out as his green locks fluttered in the semi-humid breeze. He’d come to visit Saturn and his wife Luna whom was the second in command of the Constellation Droids. He sighs and followed the path deeper into the garden. Feeling rather mysterious in a way, his presence was of an entity that was suddenly consuming all there was attention wise. Servants and guards bowed at his feet as Terra silently trudged through. His mysterious shroud disapears just as soon as he see’s the King and Queen of the dusty planet sitting with all of their very adult children and two new additions.

"Your all dressed up, good…good," Saturn said excitedly,"Mastelina could not make it to our feast my lord. She’s been away being the adventure seeking ruler she is." 

All of Saturn’s children, well most of them for that matter, sat in formation around dias in which most of the food and wine were placed. They sat in the chronilogical order in which they were born, his eldest son Titan sitting the closest to his father, whereas his young twin girls Caneisius and Coronis sat the farthest away twoards their mother.

This storm on my planet is especially horrendous…



So me and my family shall be staying on Earth until it passes!

Awww, not as good as tucan sam? Can’t handle one little storm? Jup’s planet has one huge one all the time.

What is a Tucan Sam?



…I do hope I’ve done this correctly.

The largest storm seen on Saturn in more than 21 years has now been encircling the planet for a record-breaking 200 days.
First appearing as a tiny blemish on Dec. 5, 2010, the storm is still going strong today, surpassing the ringed giant’s previous longest tempest, which lasted 150 days back in 1903. NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, in orbit around Saturn, has given astronomers a front-seat view of this enormous maelstrom and provided valuable data.
From its humble beginnings, the storm has grown to engulf the entire area between Saturn’s 30th and 51st north latitudes. From north to south, the tempest stretches about 9,000 miles — greater than diameter of the Earth — and covers two billion square miles, or eight times the surface area of our planet.
The storm marches through the planet’s atmosphere in the top right of this false-color mosaic from Cassini. Red and orange colors in this view indicate clouds that are deep in the atmosphere. Yellow and green colors, most noticeable along the top edge of the view, indicate intermediate clouds. White and blue indicate high clouds and haze. The rings appear as a thin horizontal line of bright blue.
Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute
(via WIRED)

This storm on my planet is especially horrendous…

So me and my family shall be staying on Earth until it passes!

Is that all you did to him?


What was it like to have sex with your son?

Is it true you've kissed Shademan?

Yes, it is.

Thorny Thursday








Ask your most provocative questions!

um, okay then.

Why not.

Sure, that’s somethin’ new.


I’m certain I’ll regret this, but I’ve already had two shots and an argument and really could not care less.

Got nothin’ better to do.